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Update! What I’ve been doing between mid 2014 and early 2015!

Since September 2014, I have been fostering cats and kittens through a local rescue group.
As I was bottle feeding some young orphaned kittens, I had to resign from my volunteer work at the animal shelter.
However, hands on fostering experience in my home, day in and day out is far more priceless.

Between September 2014 and January 2015

Between September 2014
and January 2015

In just a few short months I have learnt so much.
I have had to care for very tiny kittens without a mother, I have had to take a sick cat to be put to sleep, I’ve delivered four beautiful healthy kittens from a pregnant cat saved at the last minute from the pound, I’ve had to bathe the weepy eyes and noses of cat flu cats, administer antibiotics, clean up the wounds of strays, I’ve driven to and from the vets countless times.. I’ve had cats and kittens come and go, some have gotten their forever homes and some get shuffled between foster carers due to location/illness/numbers etc.
The rescue group I work with relies on donations to provide the cats with vetwork, so it is up to the foster carer to provide food, water, kitten formula, cat litter, toys and bedding. It can get expensive, especially when you have a full house!
But this adventure has honestly been one of THE most rewarding things I’ve ever done.



Kittykins is eleven years old 🙂
I got her when I was nineteen.
She is the most low maintence cat I’ve ever had!
She just sleeps and eats, she doesn’t wander any further than the back patio. She’s safe and reliable and an awesome lap warmer in winter.
She is however very timid and doesn’t like loud noises or new people.
She’s been with me through so many massively significant life events and means alot to me 🙂

Mr Charlie (aka The GodFather)

Mr Charlie (aka The GodFather)

Mr Charlie is the dominant male in my home.
He is, of course, desexed; however still a brave and
intimidating male.
Mr Charlie follows me everywhere. He is curious and watchful, and likes to be part of whatever is going on in the house.
He’s friendly with everyone and shows no fear of loud noises or new people.
Hes a very chilled, relaxed cat 🙂
Mr Charlie however has seasonal ailments..
In summer he has terrible allergies to plants, grass, air.. lol you name it!
And in winter he suffers from asthma.
I love my high maintenance kitty though.
Mr Charlie is my best friend 🙂